5.56mm x 45 NATO Compact Light Machine Gun

The KMG556CL is a 5.56mm x 45 NATO caliber modern compact lightweight machine gun especially designed for the use wherever weight and size matter. It offers the proven and fielded design characteristics and principles of the KALEKALIP standard KMG with additional features and capabilities as a folding / telescopic buttstock, short receivers and various barrel options.

It is the weapon of choice wherever high fire support is required in a lightweight compact envelope. The weapon can be deployed very comfortably from the shoulder, similar to an assault rifle due its lightweight design and moderate recoil.

Its grip pod provides an integrated bipod for the classical deployment as a machine gun for the accurate target engagement on distance. 

Its high level of modularity allows the conversion to a standard machine gun by utilizing most of the parts from the standard KMG either in 5.56mm or 7.62mm

5.56mm x 45 NATO Compact Light Machine Gun
Quick detachable barrel with grip
5 position telescopic adjustable and foldable stock
It can fire even if the stock is folded
Grip pod with integrated bipod
Iron sights with range adjustment from 300m to 1000m
5,56mm x 45 NATO
Firing Mode
Safe / Burst-Sustained Fire
Feed Mechanism
Belt fed from left side
Maximum Length (Stock Extended) 860 mm
860 mm
Minimum Length (Stock Collapsed) 775 mm
775 mm
Minimum Length (Stock Folded) 610 mm
610 mm
Ammo Box
STANAG Interface 50-100-200 Rounds fabric or polymer solid boxes
Overall Height
235 mm
Weight (w/o Accessories)
5.600 kg
Barrel Length
10,5” / 267 mm
Barrel Twist Rate
1:7” - 6 grooves land right hand
Flash Hider
A2 Birdcage or 3 Prong
Sight Radius
465 mm
Trigger Pull Weight
35 – 70 N
Rate of Fire
750 – 1000 rpm
800 m / s
Effective Range
400 m (Point target) 600 m (Area target)
5 Position retractable and folded

Advanced long stroke gas piston and open bolt system

13’’ and 16’’ Barrel Lengths are optional

Suitable for right and left-hand shooter with ambidextrous weapon controls

Cold hammer forged barrel with hard chrome plated ID, manganese phosphate coated OD and polished chamber

Quick Detachable barrel with grip.

Iron sights with range adjustment from 300m to 1000m

NATO Accessory Rails (STANAG 4694/ M1913Picatinny Rail) with M-Lok

5 position telescopic adjustable stock

Grip pod with integrated bipod

Various color options are available