40mm x 46 Grenade Launcher System

Kalekalıp Grenade Launcher (KGL40) is a lightweight modular system. This system offers 40mm capability in a modular package, offering three different operational configurations: underslung, stand-alone (with stock) and stand alone (without stock). Firing mode is single shot and double trigger action shot. The KGL40 Weight is 1.575 g (without butt stock). Ambidextrous weapon controls allow for use by both left and right-handed operators. The gun, which can shoot effectively up to 250 meters, can also fire up to 400 meters. It has been in the inventory of the Turkish Gendarmerie since 2020.

40mm x 46 NATO Under Barrel Grenade Launcher
Fed From Left Side
Single Shot, Double Action Trigger
Detechable Stock
1913 Picatinny STANAG 4694 Accessory Rails
40mm x 46 (LV)
Feed Mechanism
Fed from left side
Firing Mode
Single Shot, Double Action Trigger
Length (w/o Buttstock)
275 mm
Length (with Buttstock Extended)
515 mm
Length (with Buttstock Collapsed)
475 mm
60,4 mm (with sight 103 mm)
161 mm (with sight 221 mm)
161 mm (with sight 221 mm)
220 mm – 8,6”
1.850 g w/o Buttstock and Accessories
40mm x 46 LV, ER, AntiRiot Rds., Tactical Rds., Flares
Number Of Grooves
6 right hand
Muzzle Velocity
70 m/s
Effective Range
250 m
Maximum Range
400 m

KGL40 is a modern and lightweight 40mm (LV) grenade launcher system which can be deployable as: 
Stand alone, 
Under barrel, 
Hand held

Ambidextrous safety and release lever

Unique high endurance with hybrid aluminum-steel barrel with 5.000+ lifetime

Hand loaded breach action

Extended range ammunition compatible

Double action trigger

Weapon sights: ambidextrous iron leaf sights standard (can be attached either side of the weapon system), electro optic compatible

Incorporated breach safety

5 collapsible stock positions

Holster carry capability

Breach accommodates any length round