Experience Matters

KALEKALIP was established in Istanbul in 1969 to design and produce precision molds, machinery components and special purpose machines. In the 1970’s KALEKALIP utilised its precision molding capabilities in the production of molds for parts used in the G3 infantry rifle. In 1987, KALEKALIP improved its system production, testing and integration capabilities by participating in the Euro Stinger Project.

In the 1990’s

KALEKALIP participated in the design and manufacture of Multi Launch Rocket System (MLRA) platforms of different calibers and continued to increase its international defense sector experience by taking part in the GMLRS and ATACMS projects in partnership with industry leader Lockheed Martin, also the RAPIER project with the company MBDA.

KALEKALIP carried out the design, qualification process and production of Turkey's first 40 mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (OBA-KAGL40) with its own resources in 2005. Thus, KALEKALIP attained the inclusion of its first product in the Light Weapons sector in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces.

Years Of Service





K +


MPT76 National Infantry Rifle

KALEKALIP was involved in the design process of Turkey's first locally designed and manufactured National Infantry Rifle (MPT-76) as the main subcontractor in 2009. During the 2009-2014 period, KALEKALIP successfully completed the critical design and analysis processes of the MPT-76 rifle.

Since 2015, KALEKALIP has introduced a family of products, namely KCR (KALEKALIP Combat Rifle), created with the aim of offering latest generation, unique and high tactical capabilities to end users. In this context, KCR556 for 5.56mmx45 caliber, KCR762 for 7.62mmx51 caliber and KCR739 for 7.39mmx39 caliber with various barrel lengths, were introduced to foremost end users.

Infantry rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns and automatic grenade launchers designed and manufactured by KALEKALIP, satisfy the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and Security Forces by supplying nationally and locally sourced products.

By offering light weapon products with unique and tactical superiorities, KALEKALIP is decisively implementing its vision of becoming a preferred partner and sought-after brand in both local and international markets.

Up to NATO Standards

In addition to Infantry Rifles, Under Barrel Grenade Launcher (KGL40), 12.7mm Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (KSR50), .338 Caliber Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (KSR338), 7.62mmx51 (.308) Caliber Designated Marksman Rifle (KMR762), 5.56mmx45 caliber Light Machine Gun (KMG556) are designed and put through the qualification process by KALEKALIP's own design team to meet international (NATO) standards.